TopTips LLC (Publisher), including all its owned and operated domains, social media properties, online advertising and/or other public-facing digital mediums, utilizes consumer-generated content (Reviews),which are freely volunteered by independent and unaffiliated contributors (Authors), and published with their express consent. Author receives no compensation or incentive, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for providing Reviews.
Publisher shall not edit or manipulate materials produced by Author, except in circumstances where content includes erroneous misspellings, punctuation or grammatical errors, in which case edits may be made at Publisher's sole discretion in order to improve general readability and quality of Review, without altering the Author's intended message.  
Publisher is not required to request or produce content at the behest of Advertisers, Retailers, Brands or other entities (Advertisers) whom may have tangible or intangible business interests in the existence, placement or content of Reviews, nor does it encourage Authors to promote or condemn products or services beyond the Authors sole prerogative. Publisher shall exert no influence over Authors in any way that may undermine the fair and objective collection and organization of such materials.
Advertisers who wish to engage in business partnerships or affiliate relationships with Publisher do so with full acknowledgement that Publisher shall retain editorial independence, without regard to the economic or reputational consequences that might govern such an agreement under other circumstances. Reviews and other content published by TopTips, LLC do not represent "Advertorials," and should not be interpreted as such.

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Editorial Independence Policy
Update 1/6/2020