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PRO: "I met the love of my life off this app. Surprising since most dating apps are only good for hook ups."  

CON:"Seems like a mess now. It doesn't actually take your preferences into consideration!"

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"I’ve been on for a while now, and it’s less about hookups and more for actually getting to know people.

 "I got a “warning,” but Bumble won't elaborate. I don’t think I broke any rules. Am I supposed to read minds?"

"Compared to other dating sites, I think OkCupid has the greatest potential of all of them."

"OKCupid exhausted matches for me after three days of a paid membership."

"I wasn't even looking for a long term relationship, but I was having fun and it just sort of happened." 

"I did enjoy using Tinder but found that nothing really ever went anywhere beyond swapping a few messages."

"I found the man who I'm married to today! There are lots of good and genuine people here to meet.

"They need a better way to filter out fake profiles and ensure they only have legitimate members."


"In less than 2 weeks, I had the opportunity to meet some very nice local ladies in my age group." 

"Those preset greetings mean no one has to think. I maybe received half a dozen original messages."

" gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing who you contact and a wide search criteria." 

"Match does not inform you that they intend to charge your credit card for a renewal."

"Zoosk worked for me. I met a wonderful man with whom I formed a long term relationship." 

"Zoosk leaves the profiles of women up long after they cancel to create a better impression."

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"I have met great guys that were not in my area but became good friends for years." 

"I went on POF and met a man that had  a wife, a whole family. When I reported him they did nothing."


Get the real scoop from real singles who've been there, done that. 

Free vs Paid: Does It Matter?

Yes and no. While "free" online dating sites and apps can typically offer you better selection, they're still loaded with features that you'll need to pay for if you want results.

Monthly membership fees help DO help deter scammers - and users who may be already married. So if it's a serious relationship you're after, shelling out for a subscription can help avoid a lot of riffraff.
Just make sure you keep an eye on your renewal date! The #1 complaint among real users involves getting charged long after they've quit logging on.

Got a perspective on which sites are worth the effort?

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"I had to play around with the settings a bit, but so far, so good. I'm impressed with the quality of singles." 

"Most of the matches they sent me were outside of my age and distance preferences."







Get the real scoop from real singles who've been there, done that. 

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how does zoosk compare with eharmony

"Most guys I matched are cute with good education and job. Much better than what you'd get elsewhere." 

"You have to wait to join so it feels 'exclusive.' Being #88,704 on the list means zilch, its a gimmick."


What's the deal with Zoosk?

If you're here, you've probably already seen similar Top 10s, all shouting that Zoosk is The One dating site to rule them all. So why do you never hear talk of anyone's weekend Zoosk adventures?

The answer, as usual, is money. The brands behind Big Dating each choose to spend their marketing dollars differently. Match shells out for TV airtime. Tinder invests in app-store ads. Bumble sponsors the LA Clippers (for some reason). 

Zoosk decided they'd get the best 💥for their 💵 by making it 🌧️ - on the review sites that could send them the most referrals. And to safeguard their supremacy, they inked huge, multi-year deals to remain #1, despite their waning relevancy in the ever-changing dating landscape.

TLDR; Zoosk keeps on paying to keep on playing. You heard it here first, but as always, remember to question everything and beware of FAKE news - and reviews.